Remedy IT announces new v1.3.2 release of TAOX11


We are pleased to announce that a new TAOX11 release including evaluation packages for Windows and Linux is now available at

Access to the support pages at our software support portal as well as an evaluation license can be obtained by sending your name and contact details to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


TAOX11 simplifies the development of your CORBA based applications using the IDL to C++11 language mapping.


The IDL to C++11 language mapping is far more easy to use compared to the current IDL to C++ mapping and greatly reduces the CORBA learning curve. The new memory management semantics significantly reduce the possibility of common user mistakes thereby greatly improving application stability and reliability. Additionally the support of new C++11 language features offers ample opportunity for significant improvements of run-time performance.


Why TAOX11 ?

  • Reduces training time

  • Increases run-time performance

  • Easy to use

  • Faster time to market


TAOX11 features:

  • Compliant with the latest OMG IDL to C++11 language mapping

  • CORBA support

  • AMI support

  • Extended suite of unit tests and examples


You can find examples, tutorials and specification here. For our CORBA Programming with C++11 training see here.


Middleware standards like CORBA and DDS are being defined using the OMG Interface Definition Language (IDL). Using a so called language mapping the programming and platform neutral IDL is converted to a specific programming language.


Remedy IT has been the major contributor for the new IDL to C++11 language mapping. The goal of this mapping has been to deliver an easy to use mapping which prevents user mistakes and leads to more runtime performance.


The IDL to C++11 language mapping is available from the OMG website and from our OSPortal


Remedy IT continuous with the development of more C++11 based products, including CCM, DnC, DDS and UCM based products.




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