Remedy IT is specialized  in delivering an Interoperable Open Architecture (IOA) based on Open Standards.

IOA  provides the security that your various (sub)systems can be integrated easily. This leads to a reduction in development costs due to faster development and integration.

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In the implementation of projects and the development of products, we use state of the art technologies.

Next to commercial development platforms like Microsoft Visual C++ and C#, Microsoft .NET, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and others, Remedy IT also often uses opensource products.


Remedy IT intensively uses (and in some cases is actively involved in) several opensource products such as:


  • Ruby/JRuby;

  • Ruby on Rails;

  • NetBeans Java IDE;

  • Glassfish Java EE Server;

  • Linux (RedHat/openSuSE);

  • Apache Webserver;

  • MySQL Database Server;

  • and more .....


We create software solutions for and provide support to a wide variety of organisations in different sectors, including banking and insurance, business service provision, telecommunications, industry (chip manufacturing, chemical industry) and defence.

In concertation with the client these software solutions are built based on commercial products, open source products or any combination thereof.


In addition, our specialists use the latest technologies, such as n-tier Client/Server models, Component Based Development and WEB 2.0 Internet/Intranet technologies.


As well as being experts in languages such as SQL, C++, C#, Perl, Ruby, Javascript or Java,  our people are also able to take responsibility for entire automation projects, from analysis to building. read more >>


All our specialists have substantial experience with Windows 95/98, Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista, .NET, Linux, SNA, SMS, COM/CORBA, REST, WSDL, SQL, and also many other tools and standards.


We have specialists who are qualified Microsoft Product Specialists, Microsoft Certified Developers and Microsoft Certified System Engineers.


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