Solutions for Interoperable Open Architecture (IOA) based on Open Standards


What we do

Remedy IT is specialized in delivering an Interoperable Open Architecture (IOA) based on Open Standards.

IOA  provides the security that your various (sub)systems can be integrated easily. This leads to a reduction in development costs due to faster development and integration.


Remedy carries out complete automation projects, supplies automation personnel on a temporary basis, gives advice on automation within companies, analyses, builds and adapts applications and audits ongoing projects, system specifications, source code or applications. In addition, we provide training courses to bring your employees' knowledge up to the required level.


We are very adept at solving complex automation problems

Remedy IT ensures, for example, that communication can take place between different types of systems. We also create (part)solutions for high-tech applications where a large amount of data must be processed simultaneously, such as controlling 75,000 fans or the traffic signals along hundreds of miles of motorway.


We use open source software

The advantage of open source software is that the source code is freely available. Because this code is available to everybody, it has been reviewed several times over, thus guaranteeing a very high level of quality. Thanks to our contacts with user groups, any problems are usually quickly resolved. It also keeps costs down, because there are no licence fees.

We develop Open Standards based Middleware Software

Remedy IT is actively involved in the development of the latest generation of component based middleware software for distributed computing.This software is based on existing and proposed open standards from the Object Management Group (OMG). Apart from developing software based on these standards Remedy IT is also a driving force in the continuing evolution of these standards.

If existing solutions are inadequate, we can develop new ones ourselves

Remedy IT has developed its own open source product: R2CORBA. This software makes it possible to implement CORBA clients and servers using the Ruby programming language.


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