Who we are


Your partner for Interoperable Open Architecture (IOA) based on Open Standards

Remedy IT is specialized in delivering an Interoperable Open Architecture (IOA) based on Open Standards. IOA  provides the security that your various(sub)systems can be integrated easily. This leads to a reduction in development costs due to faster development and integration.

Remedy IT is a company of specialists

We use our knowledge to solve other companies' complex automation problems. We do this by supplying custom software, making people available on a consultancy basis or carrying out automation projects in their entirety. Remedy IT's customers are organisations from the banking and insurance sector, business service provision, telecommunications, industry (including the chip manufacturing and chemical industries) and defence.


Our knowledge of ACE/TAO/CIAO/DAnCE open source software is unparalleled

Remedy IT's employees have extensive experience with the latest technologies, such as ACE/TAO/CIAO/DANCE. We are also actively involved in the development of ACE/TAO/CIAO/DAnCE as part of the core group of developers. Moreover, our specialists have many contacts within the user group.

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We specialise in part solutions

Remedy IT's employees can be flexibly deployed where you need them. They will analyse the problem, give advice or provide a solution. We can also assist you with feasibility studies, selecting systems, determining user requirements, auditing and transferring knowledge. Remedy IT's consultants can quickly familiarise themselves with your organisation and can assist on either a part-time or a full-time basis. This may be for a brief period or for several years.

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We work with leading companies

Thanks to various successful projects, Remedy IT has established long-term relationships with leading companies such as Microsoft, RedHat, HP, Wind River and Intel. This cooperation takes the form of partnerships, joint ventures, certification and the development of our own products.



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