About Remedy IT

Remedy IT is a technical services/consultancy/training company dedicated to open standards. We provide software solutions and support to a wide variety of organizations in different sectors such as aerospace, defense, finance, telecommunication, and energy.

Remedy IT provides services for a full suite of products based on open standards. We provide consultancy, support and training for various middleware products and we developed open standards as member of the Object Management Group (OMG).

Remedy IT supports multiple CORBA products for different programming languages, which makes us market leader in CORBA development. In additions we support two LwCCM implementations that support DDS4CCM and AMI4CCM.

We also provide services for DDS (Data Distribution Service). We can assist you with DDS but we can also develop parts of your business code when needed.

Remedy IT is your partner when looking for a Real-Time SOA. We can give you the security that your various (sub) systems can be integrated easily with our Interoperable Open Architecture (IOA) based on open standards. This leads to a reduction in system life cycle costs due to faster development and integration.