Project Support


Our consultancy services enable you to use the knowledge and experience of our experts for your own project. Our engineers will work with you as part of your project to use the products in the way best suited for your challenges.

Our consultants will provide you additional expertise to make your project successful and within budget. Their knowledge will give your project a positive start and it is an excellent way to get your team members trained.

Customization support

Our Customization Support is focused on providing extensions that adapt or extend the standard behavior of the (open source) products we support to your specific needs.

Code Generation

The products we support contain an extensible and customizable code generator which our team can extend/adapt without having to change the core product. Our customization techniques enable you to adapt various parts of the code generation, including the generation of code completely tailored to your specific needs.

In addition our team can create IDL based (code) generators that generate anything you need from your application IDL. No need to create your own custom parsing and generation scripts.

Platform support

Our team works actively on supporting as many platforms as possible for our products. If it so happens that your project requires platform support that is not part of the current supported list, you can use our customization support to engage our development team to work with you in porting our products to your platform.

Contact us if you are interested in our Project support to discuss conditions or just to hear more details.