Remedy IT is specialized in delivering an Interoperable Open Architecture (IOA) based on Open Standards.

IOA provides the security that your various (sub)systems can be integrated easily. This leads to a reduction in development costs as a result of faster development and integration. For the integration of various (sub)systems technologies like DDS, ZeroMQ, or CORBA are used.

In the implementation of projects and the development of our open source products, we use state of the art technologies.

We create software solutions for and provide support to a wide variety of organizations in different sectors, including banking and insurance, business service provision, telecommunications, industry (chip manufacturing, chemical industry) and defense.

In close interaction with our clients these software solutions are built based on commercial products, open source products or any combination thereof.

For component based architectures we have developed AXCIOMA, the component framework for distributed, real-time, and embedded systems. AXCIOMA is based on multiple open standards to provide an easy to use and powerful framework.

Technology Details


IDL is a key technology for all our products and services.


Remedy IT is actively supporting CORBA for various programming languages and operating systems.


The DDS publish-subscribe model virtually eliminates complex network programming for distributed applications.

Component Based Architecture

A component based architecture greatly simplifies the development of distributed networked applications.