CORBA (Common Object Request Broker Architecture)

Remedy IT actively supports CORBA for various programming languages and operating systems.

Besides supporting our customers in using CORBA we are involved in the OMG CORBA standardization process. One of our activities has been the addition of a compression protocol to the CORBA standard, called ZIOP.

For C++11 users we created and provide support for TAOX11. TAOX11 simplifies the development of your CORBA based applications using the IDL to C++11 language mapping.

The IDL to C++11 language mapping is far more easy to use compared to the IDL to C++ mapping and greatly reduces the CORBA learning curve. The new memory management semantics significantly reduce the possibility of common user mistakes thereby greatly improving application stability and reliability. Additionally the support of C++11 language features offers ample opportunity for significant improvements of run-time performance.

For C++ users we provide commercial support for TAO as the open source CORBA implementation. Our staff is part of the core development team and has implemented a lot of the features of TAO.

For Ruby we created and support R2CORBA as the ORB to be used. R2CORBA supports MRI Ruby and JRuby.

Our team uses JacORB for Java applications and has built up knowledge in this area.