the C++ CORBA implementation

TAO stands for The ACE ORB. TAO is an open source implementation of the CORBA standard. TAO provides a large number of CORBA Service implementations.

CORBA is a standard for communication between applications in a network environment. These applications can be developed using various programming languages and can run on different operating systems.

TAO has been entirely developed on the basis of ACE. Because of the use of ACE, TAO is available on a very large number of operating systems. CORBA gives you a standard way of enabling communication between different computers running different operating systems.

The CORBA specification also defines a number of standard services, such as the Naming Service for locating services. TAO offers an implementation for a large number of these services.

TAO works well with other ORB implementations like R2CORBA or TAOX11. It is also possible to communicate with Java ORBs such as OpenORB or JacORB.

Remedy IT’s employees have many years of experience with TAO. Remedy IT is actively involved in the development of TAO and is part of the core group of TAO developers.

Thanks to this experience, we can quickly deliver practical and appropriate solutions. If necessary, we will further expand or enhance the functionality of TAO. These extensions will then be added to the TAO codebase, so you can be certain of a supported code base.

Remedy IT contributes in several areas to the development of good user documentation for TAO.

Remedy IT publishes the CORBA Programmers Guide free of charge.