the component framework for distributed, real-time, and embedded systems

AXCIOMA is a comprehensive software suite combining multiple Object Management Group (OMG) open standards being LwCCM, DDS, DDS4CCM, AMI4CCM, CORBA, IDL, IDL to C++11, and D&C.

AXCIOMA supports the design, development, and deployment of a distributed component based architecture. It is the component framework enabling the Industrial Internet of Things.

AXCIOMA has support for state, event, request/reply, timed trigger, and other interaction patterns. The concrete communication middleware between the components is a deployment decision, not an implementation decision!

AXCIOMA supports the implementation of components using the IDL to C++11 language mapping, and supports DDS, ZeroMQ, and CORBA based interaction pattern implementations out of the box. Through a flexible and powerful framework you can add your own domain specific interaction support.

Check out the details of the AXCIOMA project at it’s dedicated website here.