IDL (Interface Definition Language)

IDL provides the capability to define your data model and application programming interface (API) in a programming language and platform neutral way.

IDL is the key open standard technology that is used by most of Remedy ITs products and services.

Middleware standards like CORBA and DDS are being defined using the OMG Interface Definition Language (IDL). Using a so called language mapping the programming and platform neutral IDL is converted to a specific programming language.

IDL originated from the CORBA specification, but is now a stand alone OMG specification. Technologies like DDS, UCM, and LwCCM reuse the power of IDL.

State of the art language mappings enable our users to implement their application code in their preferred programming language. Remedy IT has standardized the IDL To C++11 and the IDL to Ruby language mappings as part of its involvement within the OMG.