TAO News

New TAO 4.0.0 release

Remedy IT is proud to announce the availability of commercial support for TAO 4.0.0.

Remedy IT completes port of ACE/TAO to Android

Remedy IT has completed the port of ACE/TAO for Android . Using static and shared libraries and the latest Android NKD Remedy IT has validated that ACE and TAO are running as expected. With this port the CORBA community has received the option to use TAO as ORB on Android. The ACE user community also now has the possibility to run their ACE based application on an Android device.

Various changes and extensions have been made to the ACE/TAO code base. Additionally the ACE test framework has been extended to allow automatic testing of ACE/TAO using the Android emulator or a physical Android device.

Support for this port is available by Remedy IT. Contact us for more details about this port.