Using the ACE C++ Framework

Our ACE course will learn you the concepts of ACE. Through lectures and a set of exercises using you will get a good understanding of how you can use ACE for your application.


  • Implement IPC mechanisms using the IPC SAP classes and the Acceptor/Connector pattern

  • Utilize a Reactor in event demultiplexing and dispatching

  • Implement thread-safe applications using the thread encapsulation class categories

  • Identify appropriate ACE components


Software developers moving to distributed applications using ACE.


4 days


Familiarity with the C++ language (including templates), software development in a Linux or Windows environment, and knowledge of the client-server architecture and network programming concepts.


  • ACE Architecture and Components

  • How to access Operating System services

  • Overview of network programming interfaces

  • Network programming using TCP and UDP classes in ACE

  • Acceptor and Connector patterns

  • Event demultiplexing with the Reactor

  • Implementing event handlers for I/O, timers, and signals

  • Thread management and synchronization

  • Shared memory allocators and specialized local memory allocators

  • Dynamic configuration with the Service Configurator

  • Message Queues and Stream processing

  • Logging and Debugging


Lecture and programming exercises.


Each student will get a print-out of all the sheets.


We plan to organize a training event in The Netherlands.

  • Location: The Netherlands

  • Language: This course will be given in English

At your request we can provide this training at your facility.

Contact us with any participation interest.