Component Based Development using AXCIOMA

This training explains the concepts behind AXCIOMA and through lectures and exercise you will experience the benefits of a component based approach.


  • Understand the concepts of AXCIOMA

  • Define and implement components using AXCIOMA

  • Understand the concepts of connectors

  • Integrating DDS through DDS4CCM

  • Asynchronous invocations using AMI4CCM

  • Using time triggers using TT4CCM

  • Deploy your system using AXCIOMA


Software architects and developers who want to use AXCIOMA.


4 days


Non-trivial experience with C++ and familiarity with object-oriented concepts is required.


  • AXCIOMA introduction

  • What is a component?

  • Application Development Lifecycle

  • Component Lifecycle explained

  • Connectors and their place in CCM: CORBA4CCM, AMI4CCM, TT4CCM, and DDS4CCM

  • Defining components using IDL3+

  • Use BRIX11 APC to define, generate, and compile your project

  • Basic tutorial using AXCIOMA

  • Deployment and Configuration using AXCIOMA

  • CCM and D&C modeling tools overview


Lecture and programming exercises.


Each student will get a print-out of all the sheets.


We plan to organize a training event in The Netherlands.

  • Location: The Netherlands

  • Language: This course will be given in English

At your request we can provide this training at your facility.

Contact us with any participation interest.