CORBA Programming with C++11

Our CORBA Programming with C++11 course will learn you the concepts of CORBA and the IDL to C++11 language mapping. Through lectures and a set of exercises using TAOX11 you will get a good understanding of how you can use CORBA for your application.


  • Understand CORBA‚Äôs role in developing distributed applications

  • Define CORBA interfaces using Interface Definition Language (IDL)

  • Create CORBA clients and servers using C++11

  • Use the advanced features of the Portable Object Adapter (POA) in your applications


Software developers who will be developing distributed applications using CORBA.


4 days


Non-trivial experience with C++ and familiarity with object-oriented concepts is required.


  • What is CORBA?

  • Interface Definition Language (IDL)

  • CORBA Object Overview

  • IDL to C++11 Mapping

  • Object Reference Details

  • Implementing Servants

  • Managing Servants

  • POA Details

  • Request Routing Alternatives

  • The Naming Service

  • Advanced Topics


Lecture and programming exercises.


Each student will get a print-out of all the sheets.


We plan to organize a training event in The Netherlands.

  • Location: The Netherlands

  • Language: This course will be given in English

At your request we can provide this training at your facility.

Contact us with any participation interest.